Ricardo Silva, October 2010

SOLAP+, João Moura Pires (superv.), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, October 2010.
Keywords: SOLAP

Abstract: Current generic SOLAP systems do not support analysis with two spatial entities simultaneously, for example “total flights between the airport X to airport Y” or “what is the amount of waste released by an industry X in the river Y?”. On the other hand, maps visualization can trigger the opposite effect. Easily the map may become disorganized due to the excessive spatial objects present, which affect the visualization / analysis of spatial data. This thesis intends to extend the generic SOLAP model, in order to withstand analysis where there are two spatial entities simultaneously and integrate spatial clustering algorithms, in order to ensure the visibility of the map in situations of excessive spatial objects.


SOLAP+ Videos:
These videos show a few demos of SOLAP+ prototype. The Solap 5 video shows how to perform analyses with two spatial attributes from different spatial dimensions using as example a data model about Booked Flights (two different ways to analyze two spatial attributes from different dimensions are demonstrated). The Solap 6 video shows the spatial clustering feature based on the pollutant emissions in Portugal. It will be presented how the system integrates a spatial clustering algorithm which includes: (i) ad-hoc clustering; (ii) clustering restricted by spatial hierarchies; (iii) how the user can easily choose a clustering with more or fewer groups.