Miguel Aniceto, October 2015

Browsing Multidimensional Visual Entities

João Moura Pires (superv.), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, October 2015.

Keywords: Information Visualization, Data Visualization, PivotViewer
Abstract: The field of Information Visualization seeks to identify the general principles of visualization, and makes use of these principles to propose new forms of visualization for specific types of data, such as graphs, entities and its relationships, quantitative data, among others. Included in these data types, which require ways to be visualized, it was identified a data type which was not thoroughly explored. The notion of entities where each entity is composed by different attributes, and one of these attributes is composed by one or more pictures which invoke a strong feeling of familiarity to the user. The information that we are attempting to visualize is the most basic type of data structure, a table, where the number of entities to visualize should be higher than we can humanely count yet smaller than a few thousands. In the context of this thesis we propose innovative forms of visualization which are interactive and applicable to different scenarios. In the field of visualization we identified a niche where the main focus is the figure, and despite that it has a vast number of applicable scenarios, it hasn’t been properly explored. The only attempt at doing so was by Microsoft Live Labs and it demonstrated limitations that will be addressed by our approach. In order to evaluate the proposed forms of visualization they will be applied to the Deloitte organizational case-study and given the versatility of these forms of visualization they may be validated on other case-studies.

Dissertation and presentation will soon be available.

Context presentation (in Portuguese)

Some demonstration videos for the visualization of multidimensional entities (in Portuguese):

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