Manuel Santos, June 2013

Visualização Cartográfica Assistida num Ambiente SOLAP

João Moura Pires (superv.), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, June 2013.
The concept Spatial OLAP brings the cartographic visualization to the Business Intel- ligent/OLAP systems. The cartographic visualization has the potential to improve the analysis of big spatial data sets and the respective decision-making process but is dependent from correct use of the visual variables and other graphics elements used to represent information in the map. In this work, is proposed a model to assist the analyst in the construction of the cartographic visualization. The proposed model considers: (i) the meta-information in the multidimensional models; (ii) the performed query; (iii) the result data set. By the proposed system, is intended to assist the analyst in the construction of the appropriated thematic maps and the creation of a instance of that visualization.
In this work is proposed: (i) a model to describe visualization types; (ii) a model to describe a SOLAP analytic context; (iii) a methodology to select an appropriate applicable visualization type in which SOLAP analytic context. The assisted cartographic model in a SOLAP environment, proposed in this work is implemented in the SOLAP+ prototype.