Freddy Gonçalves, December 2010

PSTAR: Um Sistema de Informação Espaço-Temporal para Objectos Móveis, Maribel Yasmina Santos (superv.), Universidade do Minho, December 2010.
Keywords: Spatial Data; Moving Objects; Spatio-Temporal Databases; GIS

Abstract: The huge technological evolution of both the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as well as location technologies (GPS, Wi-Fi, RFID) contributes to a large increase in spatial data collection. Because of this proliferation and to the large amounts of data that are collected, databases and appropriate mechanisms for their storage and their analysis are necessary. In the past, the design of information systems for moving objects was often based on approaches (applications) restricted to specific location technologies, leading to a wide range of data models, database models and functionalities. To overcome this proliferation of models, this project proposes a spatio-temporal information system that is independent of the application domain and that abstract the positioning technology used for data collection.